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Our website was no longer representative of LIME and its casestudy, so we have opted to simply remove it while we are working hard on our new site.

Good Design is Good Business!

There must be money on the horizon to interact with LIME. For both parties! We see it as our mission to create significant results for companies and institutions that have chosen us as partners. We demand of ourselves that the economy is under control through every process. In the companys first years we managed to make profits and consolidate our profile and that trend we intend to intensify.

We operate a healthy business and keeps us from risky decisions. When we talk about "EDGE", we refer to surprising and effective creative solutions - not economic abyss. We focus on stability, and to be able to make a difference for our partners.

Expect More!

LIME is a full service Communications & Graphic Design company with HQ in Phuket, Thailand with sub-branches in Singapore and Denmark. We believe neither in grand gestures, smartness and ingenuity, because it is our experience that makes the most progress with relevant creativity based on listening and thorough approach.

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