After receiving an increasing amount of inquiries on video profiling it became obvious that this is the way forward NOW. It made more sense investing in our own professional hi-def equipment rather than renting all the time. So we have converted the upstairs in our little office to video and film department, with new portable green screen and light setting. We invested in a XD-Camcorder from Sony that shoots up to true 4K resolution in 50fps. Also added to the mix we invested in a DJI Inspire 1 dual control drone for aereal photos and video also in 4K reslution. The Inspire 1 is operated by a pilot on a master remote and a photographer on the second remote that allows the drone to flye in one direction and the 360° camera mount to shoot in the other direction. So with both cameras operating on a job allows us maximum flexibility and amazing coverage.

It became obvious that a new website was needed to justify

Kevin Stephen Gibson - Company Director

To handle all this new enourmously heavy data from the 2 cameras we naturally required a new editing suite that can handle the amounts of data. So new computers and retina displays was also needed to make everything connect as it should.

Now we need to make people aware of this new service that truly seperates us from any competitors alike, whilst we believe that we will be able to utilize this new gear better than most. It is no secret that there are several camera operators out there, but with our unique understanding for design and its importance; we fully understand the corporate guidelines of a brand that needs to be translated into the video as well. Video is simply an addition to the other existing marekting and design materials and needs to follow the same line so that alle elements have the required synergy.

After investing and setting up it also became obvious that we needed to either update our existing website or actually build a completely new one. We chose the last option, so that we get a new fresh approach to any- and everything. Together with the new website laucnh we have chosen to start an ad campaign with our leading local news media; The Phuket News, where LIME will be the official sponsor of the afternoon show with Pim on 89.5 FM Live that runs every week day from 12 - 15 hours. Simultaniously with being covered on the local radio we will also be featured in the weekly newspaper editon in the trade section with an advertising rotation.

We are extremely excited about what the future holds for us and the new service. The recent years has ben kind to us and we intend to keep that trend going!

Kevin Stephen Gibson

Kevin will be the person to regularly update the LIME news section. Not that he has not got anything else to do, simply because he is the only one that really can. He will update us all when LIME are doing something or there are any new technology trends we need to know about or any relevant industry news.