A new LIME.asia family member has started with us - Finally, as we have been chasing this little "wiz-kid" for quite some time and we are now proud to say that we succeeded.

Arm Sangkanee is educated in PHP Programming on The Prince Of Songkla University here in Phuket, Thailand. With his arrival, it quite simply means that feel a lot more comfortable now advising and developing complex programming solutions, when it comes to DataBases, eCommerce, App’s and even hardcoding - something we have been wanting for along time.

So as we steadily push forward, the team covers more and more aspects of this mad industry. Still the Graphic Design and Branding exercises are our primary focus, but as we all know, it needs to be backed up with the required technology and development or it is a wasted effort.

Since our latest little update we can now with pure conviction say that our UHD Arial and Ground cameras has been warm welcomed and we are now assured that that was the right investment to make 6 months back. The VDO is in high demand - in particular when it comes to Corporate Image, Product and Service.

Kevin Stephen Gibson

Kevin will be the person to regularly update the LIME news section. Not that he has not got anything else to do, simply because he is the only one that really can. He will update us all when LIME are doing something or there are any new technology trends we need to know about or any relevant industry news.