As a media experiment for internal usage and further market analysis, LIME has decided to offer a genuine discount of up towards 50% on all graphic design related jobs.

We trust this could be hugely beneficial to some of you out there and suggest you strike now while you can get double up vale for your investment here with LIME.

There are no secret hidden agendas! This is merely an experiment that we need to practice inhouse - before we can implement the data collected and show stats and figures to our clients.

What is considered within the discounted qualified categories?

  • Identity Design
  • Branding Exercises
  • Web Based Solutions
  • Brochure, Flyers, Cards, etc.
  • Signage design
  • Filming & Editing

This one of opportunity will be emailed out to all our existing clients alike and we hope they will forward the news to all of their relevant network so we can gather valid and valuable data over the course of 31 days, starting 1 March 2016.

We naturally hope to hear from ALL of you - near and far.

Kevin Stephen Gibson

Kevin will be the person to regularly update the LIME news section. Not that he has not got anything else to do, simply because he is the only one that really can. He will update us all when LIME are doing something or there are any new technology trends we need to know about or any relevant industry news.