Another year has been swept away from under our feet at an incredible speed. It is said that when time seems to speed up, it is be course you are having fun. We could not agree more – this last year has seen the team enjoy plenty of fun times spent with good people.

In terms of business development, 2015 has been a year of immense changes for However, we do not rest on our laurels - there are more exciting new developments ahead. In the beginning of 2016 we will register our long awaited idea of a Singapore branch. Not only will it be a new branch, as initially intended, but it will in fact become HQ for the design business - with production still remaining at our Phuket office. After a lot of research we trust will be extremely attractive to the Singaporean Market, as we can offer superb quality and execution at a very affordable rate due to our Thai office.

On behalf of, we wish to thank every single person who has dealth with us over the past 12 months, both locally and abroad. Thank you to existing and newly discovered clients, friends and family, as well as all those who have shown support and shared our passionate belief in the success of Our reputation for offering unique and exciting service has been recognized for a considerable time already and this has helped us make contacts with new people and clients. We have gained some incredibly prestigious clients over the past year and hope to attract many more as we grow our company even further.

We do plan to shut down for a week between Christmas and New Years in order to rest and recharge our batteries. After a short recuperation time from the busy year we are leaving behind, January will meet us fresh, energized and extremely motivated for the coming year - excited to meet all demands from near and far.

Warmest season greetings to you and your loved ones!

Kevin S. Gibson

Kevin Stephen Gibson

Kevin will be the person to regularly update the LIME news section. Not that he has not got anything else to do, simply because he is the only one that really can. He will update us all when LIME are doing something or there are any new technology trends we need to know about or any relevant industry news.